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Refereed contributions

What if our digital technologies were protean? Implications for computational thinking, learning, and teaching PPTX PDF
David Jones, Elke Schneider
The Minecraft Teacher: An anthropological exploration of the pedagogy behind Minecraft as a ‘serious’ teaching tool PDF
David Smeaton, Sarah Prestridge
What If Digital Divides Closed? Schooling in a Future Without Digital Divides PDF
Louise Starkey
Building Capability at Scale with IMPACT: MSC Stories PDF
Glen Watt, Glenn Finger, Vicky Smart

Non-refereed contributions

Digital Technologies Curriculum Unplugged
Daena Scheuber
What IF learners could teach themselves: Applications of “Genius Hour” approaches to student learning and teacher PD?
Daena Scheuber
The GS Project: A Bubble in Glass – a STEAM Unit of Work for Year 9 English Collaborating with Digital Technologies, Science and Visual Arts PDF
Michael Vere Sisley
Creating the Next Generation of Innovators with Digital Technologies
Ashleigh Smith
ACCE2016 EdTechChef Challenge (ETCC)
Anthony Speranza
Getting your school going with the Digital Technologies Curriculum
Anthony Speranza, Narissa Leung
Change for the better, and disrupt education
Anthony Speranza
Coding the Future
Bec Spink
If you had your own MMO... in your classroom… PPTX
Nathaniel Staples
Teach coding with Python and Raspberry Pi
Tim Stephens, Peter Whitehouse
An Informatics Network Design to Support a Healthy Diet and Exercise for Primary School Children: Analyses and Experiences from the Field
Pei-Chen Sun, Glenn Finger, Kuo-Cheng Lo

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