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Refereed contributions

Higher order thinking through Calculus for Kids PDF
Christopher K H Chin, Andrew Edward Fluck, Jacky Chong, Irene Penesis, Dev Ranmuthugala, Bianca Coleman
Innovating with Science-ercise PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, Chris Chin, Yang Yang
Innovating with Calculus for Kids PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, Chris Chin, Irene Penesis, Jacky Chong
Contextualising teachers’ TPACK development and enactment PDF (Slides) PDF
Michael Phillips, Matthew Koehler, Joshua Rosenberg
Preservice teachers on teaching with and about ICT: An Indonesian study PDF
Stefanus Relmasira, Rosie Thrupp
The Internet: Views of Year Six Students PDF
Stefanus Relmasira, Rosie Thrupp

Non-refereed contributions

Calculus for Kids Workshop PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Chris Chin, Irene Penesis, Dev Ranmuthugala, Jacky Chong, Asim Ghous, Narelle Morris
Teaching students to solve problems with code in Python: Code. Create. Compete. PDF
Vivian Li, Katie Bell, Nicky Ringland
Digital Technologies for Lunchtime Play “Easier than you think”
Michelle Relton
Programming with Turtles: computational thinking meets spatial reasoning PDF
Nicky Ringland, Vivian Li, Katie Bell
iPad Game Development using Python
Chris Robinson

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