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Australian Council for Computers in Education 2016 Conference Refereed Proceedings PDF
Sarah Prestridge, Peter Albion

Refereed contributions

Culture Pad: Linking indigenous communities to schools and education through the use of mobile and online technologies PDF
Alistair Campbell, Jeremy Pagram, Martin Cooper
Higher order thinking through Calculus for Kids PDF
Christopher K H Chin, Andrew Edward Fluck, Jacky Chong, Irene Penesis, Dev Ranmuthugala, Bianca Coleman
Innovating with Calculus for Kids PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, Chris Chin, Irene Penesis, Jacky Chong
What if pre-service teacher education had a BYODD policy? PDF
Christopher Paul Newhouse, Martin Cooper, Jeremy Pagram
Contextualising teachers’ TPACK development and enactment PDF (Slides) PDF
Michael Phillips, Matthew Koehler, Joshua Rosenberg
Disrupting teachers’ knowledge and practice: augmented reality in out-of-classroom settings PDF (Slides) PDF
Michael Phillips, Jonathon Li
The Minecraft Teacher: An anthropological exploration of the pedagogy behind Minecraft as a ‘serious’ teaching tool PDF
David Smeaton, Sarah Prestridge

Non-refereed contributions

Calculus for Kids Workshop PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Chris Chin, Irene Penesis, Dev Ranmuthugala, Jacky Chong, Asim Ghous, Narelle Morris
Making teaching and learning appy
Ben Paparoulas
Global collaboration...connecting the dots!
Tina Photakis

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Australian Council for Computers in Education Conference 2016