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Refereed contributions

The impact of humanoid robots on students’ computational thinking PDF
Therese Keane, Christina Chalmers, Monica Williams, Marie Boden

Non-refereed contributions

Is the school experience for early years students, their parents, and teachers improved through the use of managed online tools?
Fiona Banjer
Bits of Binary: Implementing Digital Technologies in a primary school PPTX
Jane Batham
Rolling into STEM using Project Based Learning
Kelly Bauer
Ready or not? Identifying pressing trends and challenges in education
Samantha Becker
Coding the Future of Education
Samantha Becker
Build a website and put it on the internet PDF
Katie Bell
Stop downloading. Start uploading. Web development takes students from technology consumer to creator PDF
Katie Bell
Global Education Reflections
Tony Brandenburg
Hands on Fun: R2D2 and ET meet Rube Goldberg!
Leanne Cameron, Bronwyn Moreton, Karen Binns
The many talents of R2D2 and ET: An Introduction
Leanne Cameron, Bronwyn Moreton, Karen Binns
Teaching students to solve problems with code in Python: Code. Create. Compete. PDF
Vivian Li, Katie Bell, Nicky Ringland
Programming with Turtles: computational thinking meets spatial reasoning PDF
Nicky Ringland, Vivian Li, Katie Bell

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