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Australian Council for Computers in Education 2016 Conference Refereed Proceedings PDF
Sarah Prestridge, Peter Albion

Refereed contributions

If this is the second coming of coding will there be rapture or rejection? PPTX PDF
Peter Albion
Culture Pad: Linking indigenous communities to schools and education through the use of mobile and online technologies PDF
Alistair Campbell, Jeremy Pagram, Martin Cooper
Risky business: ICT and creativity PDF
Timothy Casimaty, Michael Henderson
Examining gender and technology/IT through feminist lenses PDF
Shu-Hua Chao
Higher order thinking through Calculus for Kids PDF
Christopher K H Chin, Andrew Edward Fluck, Jacky Chong, Irene Penesis, Dev Ranmuthugala, Bianca Coleman
Critical perspectives on personal digital narratives PDF
Julie Faulkner
Innovating with Science-ercise PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, Chris Chin, Yang Yang
Innovative assessment with eExams PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Mathew Hillier
Innovating with Calculus for Kids PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Dev Ranmuthugala, Chris Chin, Irene Penesis, Jacky Chong
Augmenting the Art of Video-based Instruction: Teaching with, via and through the medium of video PDF
Olivia Ilic
What if teachers had the tools to understand and enhance the creative thinking of students? PPTX PDF
Romina Jamieson-Proctor, Peter Albion
What if our digital technologies were protean? Implications for computational thinking, learning, and teaching PPTX PDF
David Jones, Elke Schneider
The impact of humanoid robots on students’ computational thinking PDF
Therese Keane, Christina Chalmers, Monica Williams, Marie Boden
How interactive is interactive whiteboard when used in teaching and learning? PDF
Ibrahim Latheef
Implications of using a cultural historical framework to investigate interactive whiteboards PDF
Ibrahim Latheef
School Data: not fit for (re)purpose PDF
Kristofer Nagy, Michael Henderson
Online Moderation of External Assessment using Pairwise Judgements PDF
Christopher Paul Newhouse, Pina Tarricone
Pre-Service Teachers Need More Than Online and Flipped Learning PDF
Christopher Paul Newhouse
What if pre-service teacher education had a BYODD policy? PDF
Christopher Paul Newhouse, Martin Cooper, Jeremy Pagram
Contextualising teachers’ TPACK development and enactment PDF (Slides) PDF
Michael Phillips, Matthew Koehler, Joshua Rosenberg
Disrupting teachers’ knowledge and practice: augmented reality in out-of-classroom settings PDF (Slides) PDF
Michael Phillips, Jonathon Li
Preservice teachers on teaching with and about ICT: An Indonesian study PDF
Stefanus Relmasira, Rosie Thrupp
The Internet: Views of Year Six Students PDF
Stefanus Relmasira, Rosie Thrupp
The Minecraft Teacher: An anthropological exploration of the pedagogy behind Minecraft as a ‘serious’ teaching tool PDF
David Smeaton, Sarah Prestridge
What If Digital Divides Closed? Schooling in a Future Without Digital Divides PDF
Louise Starkey
Building Capability at Scale with IMPACT: MSC Stories PDF
Glen Watt, Glenn Finger, Vicky Smart

Non-refereed contributions

Is the school experience for early years students, their parents, and teachers improved through the use of managed online tools?
Fiona Banjer
Bits of Binary: Implementing Digital Technologies in a primary school PPTX
Jane Batham
Rolling into STEM using Project Based Learning
Kelly Bauer
Ready or not? Identifying pressing trends and challenges in education
Samantha Becker
Coding the Future of Education
Samantha Becker
Build a website and put it on the internet PDF
Katie Bell
Stop downloading. Start uploading. Web development takes students from technology consumer to creator PDF
Katie Bell
Global Education Reflections
Tony Brandenburg
Hands on Fun: R2D2 and ET meet Rube Goldberg!
Leanne Cameron, Bronwyn Moreton, Karen Binns
The many talents of R2D2 and ET: An Introduction
Leanne Cameron, Bronwyn Moreton, Karen Binns
Cultural institutions and a systems thinking approach to the Digital Technologies Curriculum
Mel Cashen, Cameron Hocking
Arduinos, a beginner’s guide
Joel Cowey
Programming in the Digital Technologies curriculum PDF
James Curran
Undergraduate Statistics: An Empirical Comparison of Blended and Traditional Learning, and National Origin
Paul Darwen
What we've learned about technology and forgotten about learning
Bruce Dixon
Explore, play and learn with Ozobots PPTX
Kylie Docherty
Using Blue-bots in the Primary School Classroom PPTX
Kylie Docherty
What if you want to get an interdisciplinary STE(A)M program embedded into the primary school curriculum and your budget does not stretch to specialist Scientists, Techperts, Engineers or Mathematical Maestros?
Karen Donnelly
Day of STEM Presentation Overview
Tim Edwards
Calculus for Kids Workshop PDF
Andrew Edward Fluck, Chris Chin, Irene Penesis, Dev Ranmuthugala, Jacky Chong, Asim Ghous, Narelle Morris
If Year 9 students use the Learning Place …!
Ulla Freihofner
Digital Technologies: Rapid Response Q&A (Round 1)
Bruce Fuda, James Curran, Julie King, Paula Christopherson, Anna Kinnane
Hands on with the Digital Technologies: Unpacking the Australian Curriculum
Bruce Fuda, James Curran, Julie King, Paula Christopherson, Anna Kinnane
Digital Technologies: Rapid Response Q&A (Round 2)
Bruce Fuda, James Curran, Julie King, Paula Christopherson, Anna Kinnane
Digital Technologies Hub - let's get started
Chris Harte
Wicked problems and playful designs
Michael Henderson
Authentic Learning: Empowered by IT PPTX
Paul F Herring
Progression and Continuity in Student ICT Capability PDF
Michael Hilkemeijer
STEAM-Maker - STEAM-based Coding in a Maker-Space Classroom.
Sarah Jane Hobson
AppInventor - Pushing it to its limits in the classroom
Amanda Hogan
Big Change (Implementing an LMS while maximising buy-in)
Amanda Hogan
HSC learning online: A multimedia approach to improved learning outcomes PPTX
Pavle Jeric
Robotics in Education
Damien Kee
Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies – probable, possible and preferred futures
Julie King
Adobe Masterclass: Making the most of Adobe in the classroom PDF
Tim Kitchen
Mastering multimodal text with a range of Adobe solutions PDF
Tim Kitchen
Simple video production with Adobe Clip (free iOS & Android app) PDF
Tim Kitchen
What is flipped learning all about and how does Adobe help? PDF
Tim Kitchen
Coding for All: Lego NXT and evidence-based thinking
Shontelle Yvette Lewis, Rose-Marie Thrupp
Teaching students to solve problems with code in Python: Code. Create. Compete. PDF
Vivian Li, Katie Bell, Nicky Ringland
Collaboration in the learning environment
Julie Lindsay
Making collaboration happen
Julie Lindsay
What if we collaborated?
Julie Lindsay
LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 for secondary school teachers
Mark Lockett
WeDo2.0 make science and coding come to life for primary school teachers
Mark Lockett
Students Preference of Visual Media in Self-directed Online Learning
Md Abdullah Al Mamun, Gwen Lawrie, Tony Wright
Calculus for kids: Engaging primary school students in engineering PDF
Narelle Anne Morris
Calculus for Kids: Engaging Students in Mathematics through ICT
Stephanie Nitschke
Making teaching and learning appy
Ben Paparoulas
Global collaboration...connecting the dots!
Tina Photakis
Digital Technologies for Lunchtime Play “Easier than you think”
Michelle Relton
Programming with Turtles: computational thinking meets spatial reasoning PDF
Nicky Ringland, Vivian Li, Katie Bell
iPad Game Development using Python
Chris Robinson
Digital Technologies Curriculum Unplugged
Daena Scheuber
What IF learners could teach themselves: Applications of “Genius Hour” approaches to student learning and teacher PD?
Daena Scheuber
The GS Project: A Bubble in Glass – a STEAM Unit of Work for Year 9 English Collaborating with Digital Technologies, Science and Visual Arts PDF
Michael Vere Sisley
Creating the Next Generation of Innovators with Digital Technologies
Ashleigh Smith
ACCE2016 EdTechChef Challenge (ETCC)
Anthony Speranza
Getting your school going with the Digital Technologies Curriculum
Anthony Speranza, Narissa Leung
Change for the better, and disrupt education
Anthony Speranza
Coding the Future
Bec Spink
If you had your own MMO... in your classroom… PPTX
Nathaniel Staples
Teach coding with Python and Raspberry Pi
Tim Stephens, Peter Whitehouse
An Informatics Network Design to Support a Healthy Diet and Exercise for Primary School Children: Analyses and Experiences from the Field
Pei-Chen Sun, Glenn Finger, Kuo-Cheng Lo
From Working in a Group to Working as a Group: How Children Talk Themselves into Being Scientists with Learning Analytics PDF
Lynde Tan
Professional Identity and Self-Interest: Career and Educational Choices in the Emerging ICT Workforce
Jane Tsakissiris
Adobe Character Animator - making animation simple
Richard Turner-Jones
Adobe Experience Design - to plan & prototype websites & mobile apps
Richard Turner-Jones
Linking Adobe Spark Page with Photoshop to create quick & easy web pages
Richard Turner-Jones
Linking Adobe Spark Post with Photoshop to create quick & easy posters
Richard Turner-Jones
Linking Adobe Spark Video with Photoshop to create quick & easy video stories
Richard Turner-Jones
How to create a connection for your students between the real and virtual worlds
Wes Warner
Mindful or mind full? To realise the power of technology, start with focused attention PDF
James Richard Whittle

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