Australian Council for Computers in Education, ACCE 2016

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Digital Technologies: Rapid Response Q&A (Round 1)
Bruce Fuda, James Curran, Julie King, Paula Christopherson, Anna Kinnane

##manager.scheduler.building##: Convention Centre Meeting Room A01
Date: 2016-09-30 11:05 AM – 12:05 PM
Last modified: 2016-09-05


Objectives: Do you have a burning question about the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies? About the key ideas, content or implementation challenges faced by schools? Nothing is off limits, and we’ve put together a team of superstars who are prepared to go head-to-head to prove they’ve got what it takes to answer your questions and have some fun in the process. This panel “game show” will be a quick-fire Q&A session featuring experts involved in the writing of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Answers will be accepted from the floor, through Twitter, and via online forms set up prior to the session. With answers limited to 2 minutes and restricted to input from two members of the panel, there’s no room for politician-style spin and verbosity; it’s The Fast and the Furious meets Q&A in an educational Royal Rumble.

Intended Audience: Primary or Secondary Teachers

Duration: 45 minutes

Panel Content: A series of audience questions related to the Digital Technologies curriculum, and answers provided by experts with an intimate knowledge of the curriculum content and structure.

Participant Requirements: Come with your burning questions about the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, and be prepared for for an engaging, game show-like approach to a Q&A session!

Space/Equipment Requirements: A table to seat the panellists, chairs for the audience, and a projector to display the clock/scoreboard.

Internet Requirements: Internet access for chair of the panel and participants.


digital technologies; australian curriculum